Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Fumes

The Fumes blasted out of Spokane in 1989 with a fast and catchy brand of garage punk rock. Imagine The Supersuckers meets The New Bomb Turks and you’ve started to open the door to The Fumes sound, but they definitely have always had their own unique thing going on. It’s fast, it’s rock, it’s punk and it’s got hooks. The bulk of their releases have been on Empty Records, a label whose sound and locale seems like a perfect fit. While things have slowed down for the band in recent years, the band played Seattle as recently as June 2007. This photo is of Dee singing from their show with the Derelicts at St. Josephs Hall around 1993.

Band members: Dee Farmin sings, Norm Omegatron on guitar, Jon Swanstrum on guitar, Rob on bass and Bill Gibford on drums. Past band members include Gus Trapp, Lee Lee Fumin and Mason on drums, and Gabe on guitar. (Rob and Norm also play in The Blowouts)

  • Ways to Enjoy Life 7” (1990, Empty Records)
  • 3 cuts on “Fear of Dirt” compilation LP/CD (1992, Mysophobic Records)
  • Knock Out the Axis LP/CD (1993, Empty Records)
  • Tossin’ Plates and Forks 7” (1993, Empty Records)
  • Spine Tingling Excitement 7” (1995, Empty Records)
  • Self Appointed Guardian of the Machine LP/CD (1996, Empty Records)
  • 1 cut on "10 Things Northwest Punk Compilation V. 1" (1997)
  • Pure Bad Luck LP/CD (1998, Scooch Pooch)

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Anonymous said...

Dee is a rock chuck.
-Spokane graffiti circa 1990