Thursday, August 9, 2007

1999's Social Chaos Tour

In 1999 amid the old school punk rock revival, the Social Chaos Tour was hatched. Nearly a dozen older punk bands and a few later ones toured the United States. The original line-up for the tour included T.S.O.L., The Business, U.K. Subs, D.R.I., Sloppy Seconds, Murphy's Law, D.O.A., Anti-Heroes, Vice Squad, Chelsea, One-Way System, the Vibrators, Gang Green, LES Stitches, and D.H. Peligro (of the Dead Kennedys). By the time the tour made it to Seattle to play a $25 all-ages show at DV8 on Tuesday, July 27, 1999, Murphy's Law, D.R.I., and Gang Green had dropped out. I love this description of the tour from Detroit's Metro Times:

"Social Chaos leans heavily on second-generation English, beer-soaked, politico testosterone outfits. The sounds and images coming from Social Chaos’ stage are much more likely to show up in a Budweiser commercial. The UK Subs, D.R.I. and such are the outsider version of punk rock that was co-opted by folks who wanted to look cool at the mall but didn’t want to enter into a contract with an underground culture. This is the punk rock that will look you in the eye, spit in your face and pick you up when you’ve been knocked to the mosh pit floor."

The photo included is of now Seattle tattoo artist Yushi hanging out with Becki Bondage of Vice Squad. Yushi interviewed a couple of the bands and took a bunch of photos that all ran in the final issue of 10 Things (#22). I'll probably put up the interviews and more photos in later entries.

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