Friday, August 31, 2007


My friend Charlie lived in a house in the CD around 18th and Cherry in the mid-'90s. He had one big party with bands, included the one pictured: Plywood. At some point the party got out of hand. A Jak's skater dude graffitied the Jak's logo on his kitchen wall and Charlie had to kick him and his buddies out. Then the cops showed up from a noise complaint and threatened a $250 ticket if they had to come back. They then backed their car into the driveway across the street and parked, waiting to bust the party if the bands started up again. So we cleared everyone out of the house. Charlie, David, Karen, Amy, me and a couple other people all cruised over to Rick's apartment on Republican to party more. I'm pretty sure this was the night David lit his hair on fire smoking pot and Charlie put it out, which is an incident that just came up in conversation last weekend and prompted this post. Fun night despite the cops. I know nothing of what became of Plywood or the band members.


Kevjones30 said...

This is a great story because it has absolutely nothing to do with the band.

AndyCole said...

The guitar player is Jana Westover. She formed Cat Food after this band broke up. The singer is Jane Spakowski of Vashon Island. The drummer is a guy who quit this band and joined Kill Sybil. Not sure who is on Bass.

Unknown said...

Oh Lord!! This HURTS to look at!! Thank you so much for sending the link.