Friday, August 24, 2007

Scared of Chaka

The top photo is of Scared of Chaka, one of my favorite punk bands from the '90s, playing their first Seattle show at the Lake Union Pub (well technically second, I think they played at the Radio House the same day, then we all cruised down to the Pub to watch them again for their 21 and over show). Recognize the singer/guitarist? Yup, that's Dave Hernandez, the guy on the far right in The Shins photo below it. Scared of Chaka were fantastic, they played melodic "pop punk" but did it with such speed and energy that you could in no way compare them to a pop punk band like Green Day or Mr. T Experience. Wanna hear 'em? My friend Pete the Sticker Guy put out a lot of their music and has MP3's up, as well as their old CDs for sale at the 702 Records website.


Anonymous said...

LOVED THEM. L-O-V-E-D them. Hooks for miles and sadly too many garage-rock-fuckers thought them too Pop and the pop-punk-fuckers thought them too Garage. WTF? Really, I could talk about them for hours (and have) Great band!

Dan 10Things said...

Absolutely Meghan, you and I are on the same page. I still listen to their old albums all the time and have two well-worn Scared of Chaka t-shirts.

Anywhere But Here said...

Love Scared Of Chaka!!! What a great band they were.