Monday, April 14, 2008

The BellRays

I love the BellRays' slogan, "Blues is the teacher, Punk is the preacher." For the uninitiated, the BellRays harness the soul of the blues, but package it with the guitars and energy of garage punk. I've heard the band's sound labeled as hard soul, rock'n'soul, garage rock, dirty punk rock, and high octane rock and roll, all which seem to aptly describe what the band has been doing since the early '90s. Frontwoman Lisa Kekuala has an insanely powerful singing voice, she never ceases to floor me. Live... well, they put on a show. They own the crowd, people are dancing and singing along, Lisa will occasionally hop down into the audience and engage people, and they really just seem to harness a great live energy. I shot this photo is from a show The BellRays did at the Breakroom on Seattle's Capitol Hill September 22, 2001 (The Fireballs of Freedom and Soledad Bros were also on the bill).

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