Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lux Interior of the Cramps cries for rock'n'roll!

OK, he's not really crying, but it sure looks like it. I've taken photos of easily over 1000 punk and rock shows, often I get a few unflattering ones, but occasionally I get ones that are just plain bizarre. Usually it's with drummers, drummers often have the weirdest facial expressions when they are beating away, so much so that for a couple month period I got obsessed with taking drummer photos every show and compiling freaky drummer photos.

This photo of Lux Interior I shot at the Showbox in Seattle when they were on tour in support of their 1997 album Big Beat From Badsville. If I remember correctly, The Demolition Doll Rods and Guitar Wolf opened up. Lux was giving it his all and climbed up on the speaker cabinet in front of me and laid half on the cab, half hanging out over the audience, singing out the lyrics.

The Cramps are a band I've loved since before I listened to punk rock, they are band that has combined punk, rockabilly and the blues since the '70s and their songs always have a great rockin' sound to them with hilarious lyrics generally revolving around sex, drugs, guns, space, horror and rock'n'roll. Their influence on other bands cannot be understated, it's huge. And the band openly admits a lot of their songs were reworked versions of blues, rockabilly and rock songs that came in eras before them that they proudly pay homage to. If you want to see a '70s band rock out live, don't go see the Rolling Stones tour, go see The Cramps. For music, tour dates and more, check out

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