Monday, April 21, 2008

US Air Guitar Championships- Seattle date announced!

A few months ago I finally saw the movie "Air Guitar Nation" which I'd heard was pretty funny, and man, did it totally live up to the hype. Watching a movie about people playing air guitar my sound dumb, I know, almost like going to watch people play it in a club. But these folks elevate it to a new art form with over the top costumes and personas, along with tons of great moves. The finalists end up being part-comedian, part-actor and all rock'n'roll enthusiasts. "Air Guitar Nation" follows the American air guitar competition of 1993 through crowning it's winner, C-Diddy, and then following him to the world championships in Finland. It's completely hilarious and there is even a rivalry built up between C-Diddy and another contestant that brings some added drama to the film.

In recent years, partly in thanks to the movie just coming out on DVD, the buzz about the U.S. Air Guitar championships has spread... so much so that this year there will be a U.S. Air Guitar national tour that will hit 21 cities. The winners from each city will compete in August in the national U.S. Championship, who's winner will represent America in August at the World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland.

Seattleites, your chance to compete is June 23rd at Chop Suey. I hope many of you start practicing your moves now. For more info, check out

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