Monday, April 28, 2008

The Real McKenzies

"With tartans a sailin'
pipers a whailin'
laddies and lassies
apart frae the crowd.
When the fightin' is done,
the battle is won,
there we'll be standin'...
Scottish and Proud,
Oh yea we Scottish and Proud."

Great and typical lyrics from Canadian band the Real McKenzies. The band is actually based in Vancouver, B.C. and I doubt any of the members were really born in Scotland, but they do play a great mix of punk rock and Scottish music, complete with bagpipes. Definitely a bit gimmicky, but totally fun. I still play their first two albums all the time. We brought my friend's Scottish cousin, in full kilt, to the show this picture is from and he loved it (late '90s at The Breakroom on Seattle's Capitol Hill). The Scottish cousin cleaned up on girls that night, even though his accent was so thick and his mouth so dirty, barely anyone could understand a word he said.

The band started out in 1995 with the release of "Clash of the Tartans" and has been releasing albums and touring ever since. I swear for a period singer Paul McKenzie lived here in Seattle, I'd see him at shows and parties all the time. For more info and a discography, the band's website is pretty complete:

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Johnny Rumble said...

The Real McKenzies do, in fact, kick ass. They have only gotten better with age though! You should check out thier latest.

By the way, the Real McKenzies started in 1992, and released thier first album in 1995 as a self title.

Johnny Rumble