Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dead Low Tide

In December of 2001 ex-Murder City Devils Spencer Moody, Nate Manny and Coady Willis formed Dead Low Tide with Mike Kunka (ex-GodheadSilo and ex-Enemymine). The band was reminiscent of the Murder City Devils in many ways, especially Moody's singing, but they had less of the boom swagger swagger and a bit of a heavier rock feel (gone were the keyboards and Kunka definitely brought a harder edge to the music). Because of the MCD's connection, even before the band had released a record, they got on some pretty high profile bills, including opening for Reverend Horton Heat in early 2002, where these photos were shot. They also toured as The Melvins opening act during 2002. Dead Low Tide ended up breaking up while recording their debut album, which was released posthumously in 2003 by Tiger Style Records.

Band members: Spencer Moody on vocals, Mike Kunka on bass and vocals, Nate Manny on guitar, Coady Willis on drums, and roadie Gabe.

Spencer and Mike went on to form Smoke and Smoke with drummer Dan Haugh. Coady Willis went on to form Big Business with Jared Warren from Olympia band KARP.

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Anonymous said...

Dead Low Tide were so damn good. I still spin their 7" more often than I probably should.