Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Midnight Thunder Express

After The Valentine Killers broke up, Stu, Brian and Scott recruited Willie from The Backstabbers and Jimmy Flame and formed the Midnight Thunder Express in early 2001. Where the Valentine Killers leaned towards guitar driven garage punk, MTE leaned more towards the guitar driven rock'n'roll of AC/DC crossed with '70s glam rock influences (think the swagger of a band like the New York Dolls). They recorded one 10-song CD with Jack Endino that was put out by Empty Records.

Here is a weird promotional video the band used for their 2003 tour of Europe. These photos are from a show at the Sunset Tavern in January 2002.

Band members: Willie Crane on vocals, Stu Miller on guitar, Brian Coloff on guitar, Scott Myrene on bass, and Jimmy Flame on drums.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes, I only saw that video once and totally forgot about it. It was made by Sonny Vincent for our European Tour in 2003. The live fotage was from Atomic Records in Richland, WA. It was always fun playing there. Thanks for a blast from the past Dan!