Friday, January 25, 2008

Old 10 Things covers

These are my five favorite covers from 10 Things. The first cover (Issue #22) I think was probably the best cover. It was drawn by by Jamie Burton, who is still drawing and painting and having stuff in gallery shows. For more of Jamie's art, check out The second cover, Issue #15, was by Daniel Fortine. Daniel is a graphic designer for Filter and does rad stuff today, check out The fourth cover, for Issue #21, was done by Fred Fredrickson, who I can't exactly remember how I hooked up with, so I sadly can give you no information on. The third and fifth covers (Issues #20 and #14) were both done by Jay Barber. In recent years Jay has focused on online and interactive game cartooning and drawing, but still occasionally does poster work, including one for the Rat City Rollergirls that kicked ass, and he'll hopefully be doing the poster for this Summer's Northwest Pinball convention at the Seattle Center.


Bella said...

totally kool blog!!

makes me miss Seattle ;)

Cristopher Cook said...

Wow! Seeing these really takes me back.