Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Right On!

This is Seattle garage band Right On! playing at Shorty's around 2002. I don't remember much about these guys beyond they had more of a '60s garage sound then a garage punk one. I saw them a few times and know I've seen the singer in another band. Any band info would be appreciated if you remember the band!


Anonymous said...

i loved RIGHT ON!

the band was rob vasquez (ex-night kings, currently in nice smile), charlie ryan (ex-u-men), & dan wood (ex-flathead & currently in the pets).

they played their last show at zaks.

for garagey stuff grunnen rocks is a great resourse -


Dan 10Things said...

Sweet, thanks for the info Brian. Yeah, I use Grunnen Rocks when putting together discographies fairly often, it's a great starting point usually, although it often seems like they haven't updated band listings in a while.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Ryan one of the best drummers on the planet.

danimal said...

Hey Dan H. You and I actually met a long time ago (10 years?!) at the Rendezvous one night when my band Flathead were playing a show with god-knows-who. I think I gave you an lp?

At any rate, I played bass in Right On!, one of the most fun bands I've ever played in. I was the 'kid' in the band at a minimum of 15 years Rob and Charlie's junior. Charlie played in the legendary U-Men and Rob passed time in both Nights & Days and Night Kings. All three of their afformentioned bands (and the individuals) played an integral part in the NW garage/punk history and were quite an influence on me as a junior high school student (and today)! Needless to say, it was more than an honor to play with either of them.

We had a single on this French label, 'Royal Records', run by Jack from the Splash 4. There were 300 pressed and he apparently still has a stack collecting dust somewhere overseas!

Rob has a killer new band called Nice Smile with Donnie Hilstad on drums (first Statics drummer). Really awesome 2 piece noise-garage; NOT that 4 on the floor kinda crap people rip from old Sonics tunes, but rather beautifully crafted songs that lend influence rather than pull from it. Anyhow, you can check them out at www.myspace.com/nicesmile.

Hope this helps and it's great to see these pics!

PS. I play in the Pets out here in Oakland (we're playing the Comet this Friday!) www.myspace.com/thepetsoakland

Dan 10Things said...

Awesome! Thanks for all this info, now I can update it with a proper entry. I totally remember Flathead, but that night's a bit fuzzy. I'll be at the Comet show, the line up looks great.