Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SSP Wrestling + Lilly Warner photos + Cafe Venus = Awesome

Ronald McFondle of the SSP Wrestling league, photo by Lilly Warner

Lilly Warner, who took photos for both 10 Things and Tablet over the years, is the featured photographer in a show opening tomorrow night at Seattle's Cafe Venus and Mars Bar. This time around Warner focused her lens on the wrestlers of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling, who have been wowing Seattle audiences for years. The walls of Cafe Venus and The Mars Bar, located at 609 Eastlake Avenue E, will be covered with photos of the different SSP wrestlers, both in action and hamming it up for the cameras. I've had a sneak peak at a bunch of the photos and they are awesome. And even though I over-use the word awesome, it definitely holds true in this case. The show runs from January 31 through February 29th and it's a cool place to stop by for a drink and food anyway, so check it out! The opening reception is Thursday January 31st, starting a 6pm.



Lilly is the raddest Seattle chick of all time! Wish I could go! --her old roommate, Alison

Deevious Silvertongue said...

Today at the opening, a bunch of us wrestlers will be invading the place! Going into this opening, will be like stepping into a bar straight out of toon-town. Lilly has always been one of the hugest supporters in all the stuff going on around her! An absolute jewel. Did you catch the mention of her show in NWsource?

Deevious Silvertongue said...

D'oh! It cut the link out.