Friday, September 26, 2008

What will be the new name of the WaMu Theater?

I've never been a fan of Seattle's WaMu Theater. It's booking is by corporate media giant AEG (who also now own the two Showbox locations and book the stadium at Bumbershoot) and it's just too big of a venue for me, I like more intimate shows. But I liked WaMu as a bank, I've had an account there for quite a while and enjoyed the lack of extra fees and the highest interest rate savings account I could find. But Washington Mutual is no more, the nation’s largest savings and loan was sold almost in its entirety to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion yesterday evening.

I can't think that JPMorgan Chase will keep the Washington Mutual name, nor will they miss the advertising opportunity to rename the various WaMu theaters and stadiums in a way that serves their corporate interests better (a name that isn't as tarnished as the WaMu name now is). So what will the new name be? The Chase Theater? The JP Morgan Chase Theater? Both are pretty boring, so my suggestion is pick something less corporate and more cool instead, maybe with a more regional, Seattle feel. Any suggestions?

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