Monday, October 13, 2008

The Love Me Nots at Bop Street Records

Saturday after work I drove over to Ballard to catch The Love Me Nots a second time, they were playing a free all-ages show at Bop Street Records. Man, I'd never been to Bop Street before, while it's a pretty bad place to watch a show because the floor is dominated with record bins and there is no people space, I need to go back and crate dig! So much vinyl, although I'm sure lots of it's crap. The full wall of cassette tapes seemed ridiculous, I can't imagine people still buying tapes, this place needs to thin out the stuff no one will ever buy.

I got there around 6:30pm and a band that was a little too pop for me was playing, so I walked over to Hattie's for a drink. I came back right before The Love Me Nots hit the record store's small stage. Under the bright lights in a toned down booze free environment I wasn't expecting too much, the venue just didn't seem very conducive to The Love Me Nots' brand of sultry soul and garage rock. And while the show was a bit more subdued than the night before, the band still brought a lot of energy to the show and kicked the crowd's ass. Super rockin' and fun. I wish I could have stuck around for The Greatest Hits, but when I headed for a drink on the break, I realized I hadn't eaten since noon and was starving and had to grab some grub. A few pix:


Anonymous said...

I love Bop Street--the staff is very knowledgeable and for those of us who do buy tapes it's excellent, though extremely disorganized.

Anonymous said...

the basement in that place is overwhelming!

Dan 10Things said...

Holy crap, there is a basement with even more piles of vinyl? I definitely have to spend a day digging through the crates there. Sweet, thanks for the intel!