Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heaven on a Bun? I don't know, but it has beef, ham, cheese and eggs on it!

I wrote about my fondness for Centralia, Washington's Country Cousin in a diner review back in July. Over Thanksgiving weekend I stopped there again in route back to Seattle from the Portland area and low and behold, they had a new burger on the menu. 2 quarter pound patties, cheese, ham and a fried egg on a cibatta bun. Protein overload and seriously really tasty. It goes great with a beer and pulltabs:


Anonymous said...

i love that place!always go there my friend adrian owns a tattoo and skate shop there,check it out (black pearl tattoo and skate)i always called the restaurant kissin cousins!good bs and g and bloody marys,...hooch

Anonymous said...

Noting your love of food, I've taken the liberty of sending you a muffin recipe contained in a zine put out by some interns (myself included) at an art museum in my hometown. I hope you enoy.