Friday, January 23, 2009

Android Hero

Being a fan of Sci-Fi movies, a horribly underrepresented genre in film in my humble opinion, I'm willing to watch about every low-budget straight to video film just to satisfy my needs. This means I end up watching a lot of crap... but sometimes within the crap their are diamonds in the rough (Alien Raiders, Hardware, Outland), or a bad movie that has redeeming qualities (Night of the Comet, Logan's Run). And, for the life of me, I can't believe there was never a movie called Android Hero. Especially in that era of anime films like Robot Carnival where it seemed Japanese cartooners were totally in love with robot heroes and girlfriends. But I digress into my own Sci-Fi geekdom, Android Hero is one fucking awesome band name. And their a great band to boot!

Comprised of Jeff McNulty on vocals and guitar (Bloodhag, Birds of Prey), Matt McGillivray on drums (Flux Capacitors, Mea Culpa, Caught Red Handed), and Eric Carnell on bass (Treepeople, Audio Infidels, Zyklon B), Android Hero exemplify what an Am Rep band would be like in the 2000s. Take the heavy repetitive riffage and vocal stylings of a band like Helmet or Unsane, only update it with a little mathrock, shorten the songs, and bring a little bit of up methed-up Zeke-like speed and we have ourselves a winner. Heavy, catchy, pounding... you can almost hear our android hero pounding methodically on the drums or blasting out the guitar riffs. They've been doing is since 2006, so they got it down, good. Check out a few of their songs on MySpace here, or better yet, catch them in Seattle tonight at King Cobra with Spittin' Cobras and Steel Tigers of Death.


Anonymous said...

great band! (my lifelong friendship with the bass player has nothing to do with me saying that!)

Unknown said...

I sure love these guys.