Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Def Con Burly

This is Seattle band Def Con Burly playing at Funhouse last month. I don't know much about them beyond they are a Hate City band, with their crowd of a dozen guys all up front going apeshit over them. They were super sloppy and drunk and played fast punk, I'd like to hear an actual recording to have a clue what they actually sound like. The singer was entertaining for a few songs, he gave himself a wedgie and ripped his own underpants off, jumped around a lot, and a birthday cake was thrown everywhere at some point, covering the floor with sugary frosting, making everyone slip and fall for the rest of the night. Oh, bonus points for having "Unfuckwithable" tattooed across his belly!


Anonymous said...

Oh yay, Hate City. Fucktards.

Anonymous said...

You know the funny the thing, you post anonymous insted of actually saying something to them. Way to be tough guy.

Also, because one person is in the band that now constitutes a Hate City band? Way to be Dan, way to be.

Dan 10Things said...

Hah, anonymous guy criticizes anonymous guy for being anonymous.

I said they were a hate city band based more on the pit being a dozen dudes in the jackets, it's not something you could just ignore. No reason to make drama over it, I wasn't negative in any way, I know and like a couple of those guys.

Matador said...

Hate city loves what you hate. Including yer chick.