Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tribute bands... of The Misfits variety

My mention of Bobby Steele in my last entry got me thinking. All debate about cover bands vs. tribute bands aside, I think probably the band who wins in both categories - having bands both cover their songs the most and the most tribute bands - has got to be The Misfits. It may be because their songs are easy to play, or because they've been around 20+ years, or because their evil super-hero type of costumes and themes are easy to emulate and work great for Halloween parties, but I think the main reason is because they were such a fun band. Everyone loves to sing along to the Misfits. My two favorite Northwest Misfits tribute bands are as follows...

The Misfats

Portland, Oregon band The Misfats bill themselves as "The fattest Misfits tribute band ever!" While I'm sure there has never been an official weigh in, there are some big dudes in this band, so I'm inclined to believe them. But beyond the fat image angle, they take things one step further and also rework all the Misfits songs to be about food and eating. So "20 Eyes" has become "20 Pies" and "I Turned Into A Martian" becomes "I Turned Into A Lardass." I'm not saying the band is particularly tight and together when they play live, but neither were the Misfits back in the day. What The Misfats do is fucking funny, the whole audience is laughing and attempting to sing along, usually half singing the real song lyrics and the others in the know. This shot is of the band playing live at The Monkey Pub back in February of 2006. Check out for more info.

Glenn or Glennda?

Taking different twist on The Misfits is Seattle-based band Glenn or Glennda?, who are less a permanent band and more a Halloween project Bill Bullock pulls together every year with rotating members from a bunch of other Seattle bands. This band plays off Glenn Danzig's name and the cross-dressing, transgender Ed Wood movie Glen or Glenda? with band members dressing the opposite gender or having split gender. This photo from a few years ago has Bill up front singing, costumed half like a woman and half like Danzig. That year's band also included Benny from the Hollowpoints, Nora from the Stuck-Ups (pictured), and Justin from the Authorities, the photo was taken after a show at a house party... I think at the Hollowpoints house. For more info about the band, check them out here.


Anonymous said...

my current fave Misfits tribute band is The Crimson Ghosts from Massachusetts.
The do surf versions of classic Misfits tunes.
Check them out here -

And yes, they are playing the Funhouse on May 27.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the praise.
We agree with Brian, The Crimson Ghosts are a bad ass band. We are also happy to announce that The Misfats will be playing on the same bill with the Crimson Ghosts at Slabtown in Portland on May 28th.

We plan on practicing at least 3 times before then so we should be super tight for the show.