Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zeke's "Benton County" demo tape

I can't exactly recall when this came out, but if I had to guess it was after Zeke already had put out their first two 7"s, "West Seattle Acid Party" and "Fight at the Storeroom." Regardless, it rawks and was and indicator of big things to come from these guys. The songs all came out on later releases: "Galaxy 500," "Spoonful of Soul," "Chiva," "Wreckin' Machine," "Quicksand," and "It's Alright." I think Mark or Donny handed this to me in a bar around 1993. It's got a photocopied cover, stickers, and handwritten in blue ballpoint pen ink inside are Donny and Mark's names with their phone numbers. Awesome.

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