Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dan 10Things on NPR!

At noon today there will be a short interview with me on Ross Reynold's discussion show "The Conversation" on Seattle's NPR station KUOW. Hopefully I won't sound like too much of a dork, I used the opportunity to give The Showbox some criticism for gouging music fans with extraordinarily high fees by using Ticketmaster in a conversation about the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. I am a big fan of Ross and the show and was surprised to be asked to tape an interview. I'm an opinionated bastard and they'd read both some comments on my blog and the Stranger's Lineout blog about the subject, apparently being a big mouth can occasionally get you somewhere... if local NPR is somewhere. Anyway, if you want to tune into the show or hear it later from their archive, it's available online here, I'm about 40-45 minutes in:


Unknown said...

Has changing from Ticketmaster to lowered the price of tickets at The Paramount or Moore Theaters?

Dan 10Things said...

I'm pretty sure is owned by Ticketmaster and is their higher priced service that retails tickets at inflated prices, pretty much becoming a scalping service. Isn't that the company Bruce Springsteen is totally pissed at? Personally, I'd love clubs and venues to switch to a more reasonable and ethical ticket seller like Brown Paper Tickets.

Rossrey said...

Dan -

We de-dork all interviewees.


Anonymous said...

now they should give you your own show!