Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ZineWiki returns!

It's been a year since ZineWiki got hacked and the wiki was knocked out of functionality. I put a lot of time into scanning in zine covers, adding entries for a ton of old zines and zinesters, as well as editing all the poorly written entries from 18 year old zinesters. The result paid off, it became the largest database of information on zines both past and present, as well as zine publishers, writers, artists and more. So it was sad to see all that work just abruptly end and the information disappear. I bugged Alan, ex-ZineWiki admin, fairly constantly about getting it up and running again. But his passion went in a different direction from zines to video blogging (he's quite a hit on YouTube and has a book out now about viral videos and video publishing through YouTube). I'm happy to report, Alan recently gave the database over to Jerianne of Zine World and her partner Denny was able to revive the wiki. officially relaunched today. Jerianne and I will be co-administrators and hope to quickly get the project back up and running.

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Unknown said...

Dan, as always, you rule. You probably don't remember, but thanks for the Noise Noise Noise trades on Ten Things back in the 90's. You helped keep the Alaska flame alive in Seattle. Now you are keeping the zinewiki flame alive. -josh medsker