Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Extreme Pencil Fighting 3!

I attended the third installment of Extreme Pencil Fighting at the Rendezvous this past weekend. If you haven't been following Seattle's hot pencil fighting action, there's more background information about it in this earlier article. This weekend's event was just as funny and fun, possibly even more fun for me because my ticket stub number was drawn and I was one of the audience participants this year. Let me tell you, I suck at pencil fighting. And I competed against crybaby Bill Bates who faked like I fouled him by hitting his hand each time. I ended up breaking my pencil trying to step it up before I fouled out. Oh well, good times. The Yellow Dragon, who went to the championships, but was defeated by reigning champ The Bird in the final round, was kind enough to share with me a few techniques to try next time, if I do have a next time.

The Bird taking on The Yellow Dragon in the final championship match of Extreme Pencil Fighting Championships 3:

The Bird victorious once again... can anybody stop him?

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Taybot said...

that is hardcore pencil fighting and body paint