Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The new Jello Biafra album, free!

The new Jellow Biafra album is available free to download from Amazon. And it's surprisingly heavy/crunchy punk with the same pissed off vocals and lyrics you'd expect from Biafra, that guy hasn't slowed down at all in his 40s: Download from Amazon for free here.


Anonymous said...

Um, dude is in his *fifties*...

Dan 10Things said...

Yup, I looked it up, he's 51!

Dr.Pat Rubbish said...

yeah he is also a money grubbing litigating scum(look it up)
he makes and has made some good entertainment
then again so does the US GOV!

age isnt the issue its his dicking around the old members of the DK's
that makes him a geezer twat in my eyes

thanks i will take this release...FOR FREE

Dan 10Things said...

Giving away your album for free isn't really a sign of money grubbing. And it was the other members of the Dead Kennedies that were the litigators, suing Biafra. I have a hard time being pissed at Biafra for sinking some of the profits from DK record sales back into releasing more bands on Alt Tentacles, he put out a ton of good records that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day otherwise. And he lost their lawsuit against him, paid them $200,000 and they re-released the records on another label and reformed the band with a new lead singer, so who exactly is the money grubber?

I lost respect for Carlos Cadona when he got all Christian and then in 1993 called the cops to a Gilman show because he couldn't handle the sexual antics of the singer from the Insaints on stage. A Dead Kennedy calling the cops to a punk club!?! And the current "Dead Kennedys" has only one original member, everyone else left East Bay Ray holding the bag. I kinda find it hard to side with any of them, and honestly, their business agreement and lawsuit just ain't any of our business in my opinion. Comparing Biafra to the US Government is laughable.

Anonymous said...

"Well I'm tired of staring through shit stained glass,
Tired of staring up a superstars arse,
I've got an arse and crap and a name"

read up and wipe that brown stuff off your nose

Dan 10Things said...

Oh, I know the story, and I know the version told by the other members. But I, like most people, think the other members reforming the Dead Kennedys with Brandon Cruise was one of the worst travesties in punk rock, so it's hard to side with them because of that alone. Biafra was that band for me and all the stuff he's done since then has been way better and more important than anything the other members have done. The new Dead Kennedys is a joke. And now that it's just East Bay Ray left it's even more ridiculous.

Cat said...

A new book with some really good photos of Jello in the early days. You can get a free preview: