Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Book of Black Earth

Check out that band logo behind the singer in the first photo, it's the scribbliest metal logo I've seen in a long time. Book of Black Earth contain a couple ex-members of Teen Cthulhu who I was a big fan of (I was geeky enough to play punk D&D with some of the other T.C. members about a decade ago over a case or two of Black Label one weekend). They play keyboard and guitar-laden black metal that's pretty brutal, yet totally catchy. Hear them lay it down here. These photos are from King Cobra last Thursday, February 28th, 2008. One fatal flaw though about this band though, check out the keyboard player's white tennis shoes. That's not metal.


Anonymous said...

That logo is pretty legible compared to the logo on a t-shirt I bought from them when I saw them open for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Neumo's a few years back! It took me probably two months of owning the shirt to find the band name in the scribbles.

Dan 10Things said...

Ha ha ha, sweet! This list of Top 10 Superbly Unreadable Band Logos is pretty funny:

Anonymous said...

Ha! I could read 4 of those logos (and I already knew the Darkthrone one, of course).

I found a picture in my friend's Photobucket account of me wearing the shirt in question. See that purple mess? There's a Book of Black Earth logo in there somewhere.