Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Noisome Faugh

These photos are of Seattle band Noisome Faugh playing the living room of the Radio House around 1995. The band was only around for a few years, they were in the hardcore crossed with crust punk vein and included members of Consume, Feederz and Akimbo. They released one split 7" with Flight 800 with a press run of 1000 in 1997 and were on at least one compilation.

  • 1997, Flight 800/Noisome Faugh "Patriotism In Action" split 7" (Hippies in Flames Records). Songs featured were "The Children," "Malcontent," and "In The Name of Democracy."
  • 1998, one song on "The Great Age of Enlightment 7" along with Racetraitor, Dropdead, Synguya, President's Choice, Passafist and Reversal of Man (Hit the Ground Running Records)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for printing a couple photos of Noisome Faugh...Brings back memories(!!!)

Anonymous said...

That show was at Animal Farm (same house) in mid 1997. My friends & I put the single out on our Records...Not Excuses!!! label. (We were also in Hippies In Flames) No one in this band went on to be in Akimbo, Consume or Shitlist. Mick King wrote all the material and went on to be in Cephlotripe, (whose record I put out with David Koresh Choir--memb of Skarp & Briefs) and later Mick & I were in the Feederz.
Thanks! Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben - my name is Nevin and I do a label called IFB Records in FL. I'm working on starting some discography and split discography tapes of lesser known 90's bands, and Noisome Faugh was one I was interested in doing. Since you put out their record and were in the band (I think), I wanted to see if you'd be cool with it. I can tell you more details if you're interested, but I just want to keep the memory of these bands alive. My website is so you can see what I've done, and you can contact me through that. Hope you get this - Peace, Nevin

Anonymous said...

they only played two shows. one at the animal farm and one at second time around. john then played in scathed. burke from scathed played in akimbo, also he was in flight 800 ryan and levon from flight 800 are now in deathraid which is ex consume, shitlist blah blah blah

Unknown said...

HAHA, Im hearing this 7 inch right now!! I bought it at Amoeba records in Hollywood for 50 cents, and wow what a fucken 7 inch!!! Im glad that i picked it up when i did or else i would have missed out!!!!