Thursday, March 6, 2008

Toxic Holocaust... the metal continues

Toxic Holocaust are an odd band. I swear from listening to their songs and reading on their website before seeing them live, I got the impression that the band was just one guy, Joe Grind. Or at least one guy seems to take credit for everything, maybe he's had a rotating cast of people sitting in to play with him on recordings (today however I noticed ex-Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele played guitar tracks on one past release). So I was expecting one dude on guitar and singing, with lots of effects pedals and a drum machine. Not exactly what you'd expect from a thrash crossed with black metal band. When the band played King Cobra, I was talking to Donny, drummer of Zeke, beforehand, and he mentioned touring in Toxic Holocaust. Weird, it didn't actually register with me, I thought he meant selling merch, since he was selling tshirts for both Toxic Holocaust and 3 Inches of Blood that night. But when the band took stage, there he was drumming, along with an additional metal dude, making the band a three piece. The band wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but certainly were good at what they do... metal fronted by a crusty punker dude that looks like he should have been in Discharge. Hear 'em yourself right here.


Anonymous said...

Toxic Holocaust is one guy but he uses other guys for gigs.

Dan 10Things said...

Yeah, that's kinda what I though, thanks for the confirmation!