Friday, November 21, 2008

2night in Ballard: Partman Part Horse & Le Shat Noir

Like a little chocolate in your peanut butter? Sure you do, you are tired of the same old thang and like to shake it up a little. Tonight's show at the Bit Saloon in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood may be just they type of thing for someone like you. Why? Because the bands are all fucked up. Sure, you could try to call them art punk or post punk, but really they combine noise, keyboards, punk, art, rock and all bring something unique, and sometimes something kinda scary, to the table. If there's one thing you can expect to see with headliners Partman Part Horse, it's flesh, the lead singer tends to take a lot of his clothes off. And if you've every seen the Gloryholes, you know their spastic singer Doug White? Well he fronts Le Shat Noir and is backed by some of the dudes from the Cripples--which to me sounded like an instant success story even before I saw them tear it up live. $5 bucko, that's a bargain for your entertainment dollar.

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I like to listen thanks.