Monday, July 30, 2007

Fat Anthony (RIP)

Fat Anthony was a plump crusty punk kid I first met hanging outside a house show drunk, cracking jokes and pretty much holding court with half a dozen or so people because he was so funny. He wore a dirty tan t-shirt with beer bottlecaps stuck on it, smelled pretty bad, but I stuck around and ended up talking to him for hours because he had great stories and was totally fucking funny. Over the years I ran into him all the time at shows around the U-District, Olympia, Everett, etc. In this picture he's singing along with I think Flight 800 at a show at Second Time Around Records in the U-District. A few years ago Anthony died of a staff infection that was left untreated. His smile and sense of humor are missed.


Unknown said...

Was he from everett?

Dan 10Things said...

Yeah, he definitely was from Everett.

Unknown said...

good guy I met him when he lived in the projects in N'rott. Used to skate with him and the e-ball crew.

bs said...

woah...that sucks.
I used to run into that dude when I would catch the bus in Everett.
he was such a nice guy.
super friendly and outgoing.