Friday, July 27, 2007

The Motards

There has always been a connection between Seattle and Austin, TX, I think in part because for a while we had a bunch of similar punk and garage bands and bands from both towns would hook each other up with shows and shit. For me the Texas band in the '90s that blew all the others away by far was The Motards. They were loud, fast and fucking great live, they had all the power of a band like the New Bomb Turks. Here they are playing live I think the first time they came to Seattle at the Lake Union Pub.

Band members:
Suzanne Bishop on drums, Dave Head on guitar, Toby Marsh on bass, Paul J on guitar and John Wilson on vocals. Their two albums on Empty Records are definitely worth seeking out: "The Motards Rock Kids" and "Saturday Night Special ED."

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Dan 10Things said...

Meghan who used to work at Empty Records says this was most likely the second Motards show in Seattle, they played at My Suzy's a year or so earlier. I'm pretty sure their third show was at Gibson's, that Gibson's show kicked ass.