Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sasshole / Missoula

Missoula, Montana has long been an oasis of rock'n'roll in the middle of nowhere. Missoula bands like the Fireballs of Freedom, Skoidats, Volumen, Hellgate Stranglers, No-Fi Soul Rebellion and Sasshole have rocked the Northwest, playing shows in towns like Seattle and Portland quite a lot (and sometimes relocating to them). This is a photo of Kia from Sasshole rocking out, probably at Gibson's in the mid-90's. Kia amazingly posed nude in Aaron Muentz' infamous zine The Probe. These days Sasshole is still playing out live locally, according to their MySpace page. Hopefully they lost the film footage of Milli and Kia trying to de-pants me in parking lot behind Zak's (now Funhouse).

Band members: Kia on vocals, Dave on guitar, Milli on bass and Jen on drums.

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