Friday, July 27, 2007

The Hellbound House

The Hellbound House was a punk house in Seattle's U-District during the mid-1990s. Gabe Kerbratz, who later became the Murder City Devil's roadie/practically a band member lived here with some other folks. Gabe did a zine who's name escapes me, but it used to have this hilarious comic strip about Abe Lincoln shooting steroids and fighting people. The Hellbound House was located right up the block from The Rainbow and Kinko's off 45th Ave by the freeway (at 4521 8th Ave). They would throw house shows for touring and local bands in their basement that were basically like fun parties. I can't actually recall any specific bands I saw play there, which is kinda sad. Probably bands like The Degenerats and Flight 800. I know there were a few crusty punk shows because I remember playing hacky sack with a bunch of crusty punks wasted on the lawn one night. This photo was from a show in the Summer of 1996 where the cops showed up and ID'd everyone that looked young leaving. This kid was a 14 year old runaway some crusty street kids had taken in and were taking care of... well until this night where the cops arrested him.

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Unknown said...

Ah, yes, the Hellbound House. 45th and 8th. I only went there once when I was 16 (1996). The only band I remember playing that night was Cease and Desist. The majority of the evening is a blur thanks to one 40 of O.E., haha. Good thing I can actually hold my liquor these days!