Friday, July 27, 2007

DC Beggars / Rathouse

"You're so pretty... and you make me sick!" I loved the DC Beggars, who had a fairly short-lived career in the early 1990's. The cover to the "You're So Pretty" 7" had a mirror on it, it ruled. This photo is of the band at The OffRamp. Some of the band went on to form the Dancing French Liberals of '48 with ex-Gits members. The DC Beggars were part of the Rathouse crew, a group of bands that had members or friends or that lived in or practiced at a Central District punk house called The Rathouse (some of the Gits lived there).

There was a compilation called "Bobbing for Pavement" that came out on Rathouse Records featuring the Rathouse bands and a few others. It was limited to 1000 copies and featured: Gas Huffer, The Derelicts, The Gits, DC Beggars, Bay Pigs, Hammerbox, Big Brown House, and My Name. A bunch of Rathouse bands were also on the "Powerflush" compilation CD that was co-released by Rathouse and SF label Broken Rekids and featured both Seattle and San Franciscan bands.

DC Beggars band members: Carla Sindle on vocals, Julian Gibson on guitar, Adrian Garver on bass and Steve "Hoagie" Gero on drums.


Jay Sun said...

I saw the DC Beggars open for the Gits at the Color Box!!!!! Loved those guys. Actually still have the cassette tape of theirs I bought at that show! I think North American Bison also opened that show. Ah bliss!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of Carla. Thanks for posting the photo, info, and link to the additional history article!

Carla Dreams said...

Great history keeper Dan :)
Reading about the music scene and listening to the songs still makes me want to "rage". I get a smile on my face and a pinch in my heart. Good and bad, it always comes as a pair- doesn't it? Got to enjoy the good to tolerate the bad. Keep it up!
Thanks, Carla