Friday, July 27, 2007

The Piss Drunks

You just have to love a band that cares so little about getting popular or what anyone thinks about them that they call themselves the Piss Drunks and put out an album titled "Urine Idiot." The amazing part is the album and band were actually great! Here they rocking The Storeroom in probably 1993, Joey Pissdrunk still looks kinda young and way skinnier too. Today he performs solo around town occasionally.

Band members: Buzzy on vocals, Joe on lead guitar, Howard on guitar, Barry on bass and Brian on drums.

My favorite song: "Black Label Me"

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Unknown said...

Whats up Buzz I lived with you in Seattle in 98. I'm sure you will never read this but what hell!!! Fuckin shit hell piss!!! Remember Grady??