Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey Seattle, free Jesus & Mary Chain tickets!

Occasionally when shows at the Showbox don't sell out, they offer free tickets to people on their promotional email list. I'm sure the plan is to fill the venue and make it more fun for the band and bring in more drink revenue, so it's good all around. They are offering a bunch of free tickets right now to tomorrow's Jesus & Mary Chain show at Showbox SoDo. Want to go? Email brandon@showboxonline.com by 12pm/noon tomorrow, July 16th, with your full name. If there's still room you'll be put on the guest list +1.

Show details:
Wednesday July 16th
Showbox SoDo, 1700 1st Avenue South
with special guests THE TURN-ONS
Doors at 8pm - All Ages

Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Just received this from Brandon at the Showbox:

"His posting was incorrect. Tickets to Jesus and Mary Chain were offered to "friends of the Showbox".
We sent out a mass email to writers, musicians, bookers, and so on. The offer was not supposed to be for the general public.
However we do sometimes send out a mass mailing on our regular email list for free tickets. This is rare, and the last time we did this was for New Years eve.

Oh well, bummer for me for other shows.

Did go to the show, though. It was ok.

Sound was nice, band was ok.

Showbox SODO staff are like the pretentious, indie, cooler then me record store employees. Really treasure Showbox Market after this experience. NOT looking forward to Cave and the Seeds at SODO...

Fucking assholes.

Dan 10Things said...

Yeah, it goes to their promotional list, which I did say, you're not supposed to tell them I filled you in about it on my blog ;) Those emails hit a pretty wide group of people though, sometimes including public music mailing lists.

I've only been to one Showbox SODO show. It was a great show, but I did notice they had an insane amount of staff and security telling people what to do and where to go. I figured it was because of the particular band I was seeing.