Friday, July 25, 2008

This weekend in Seattle

The Capitol Hill Block Party is hitting Seatown starting today. I really won't bother to give a preview of it since it's The Stranger's festival and they are thoroughly covering all the bands on their blog Line Out, hop over and check out the action. I'm probably not going this year, the biggest acts I'm not into (Vampire Weekend and the Hold Steady) and while there are some smaller acts I'd like to see, I'm not too willing to brave festival crowds to do so. I really prefer dark booze-filled clubs and night time shows. I think the two acts I'd wanna see most are Jay Reatard, who I've seen a few times in his various bands, and Grand Ole Party, who have a big buzz going on in San Diego, but I haven't heard much of yet.

Along with the Block Party, there is of course, other shit going down. Most notably tonight, is this free show at the Comet with the Valkyries and Girls:

And then Saturday, The Funhouse has a day and night of fun planned starting at noon with a BMX bike exhibition featuring trick bike riding, DJs, beer, bbq and more. After the bike action, they have a doozy of show with 3 Found Dead, Old Man Smithers, noisemakers Bacchus, the return of Olympia's mighty Fitz Of Depression, The Shut-Ins (featuring Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden) and Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth (featuring Tad Doyle of TAD and Eric Akre of Christ on a Crutch).

The Sub Pop 20th Anniversary may be over, but members of some of the mightiest Sub Pop bands are gonna be rocking The Funhouse tonight for a measly $6.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that show at the Funhouse on Saturday..... I always figured drunk clowns and "crazy" seafair pirates were bullshit contructs of the media and local legend. Nope. The torchlight parade was Sat. night and a large group of clowns and pirates were queued up right in front of the funhouse. Fuckers were all in the bar, just getting HOUSED. Sweet. Never regretted not having a camera more. The show was good as well- Bacchus brought the heavyass thunder, followed by Tad's band- which was cool, but they've added a keyboard & samples since the last time I saw them. It'll sound good once they get that shit dialed in a bit more. Fitz was great- made me feel like it was 1993 again. No Ben Shepherd was involved in the Shut-ins, but Bruce from Green River was at the show and his buddy who likes to wear the same white cowboy hat as him was playing drums. So, there's some kind of oldschool grunge connection at work. Unfortunately, the band ... didn't do it for me. Let's leave it at that. Balls.