Monday, July 21, 2008

Profane Existence ends it's record label

From the new Profane Existence newsletter, truly a sign of the times:

Yes the rumors are true and PE will cease to be an active records label once the current batch of new releases are complete. These include the following releases that will be out in July and August.:

IMPERIAL LEATHER "Do You Know Where Your Children Are" LP
IMPERIAL LEATHER "Do You Know Where Your Children Are" 2x7"
RESISTANT CULTURE "Welcome to Reality" LP
WARTORN Tainting Tomorrow with the Blood of Yesterday LP/CD

ALL OTHER SCHEDULED RELEASES WILL BE CONSIDERED CANCELLED and any pre-orders received for other titles will be cancelled and/or refunded. Current subscribers to the CDs of PE subscription are given the choice of having their remaining subscription balances refunded, converted to magazine subscriptions or applied to cooperative memberships membership. The publication of Profane Existence Magazine will not be affected by the
record label shutting down and PE Distribution will continue to operation into the foreseeable future.


ChrisC said...

Ah well, guess the Trolleys discography CD they were going to put out for us wont get to see the light of day after all!

Dan 10Things said...

Hey Chris, long time no see! I didn't know they planned on doing a Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys discography CD, I'm sure you guys can find another label to do it.

ChrisC said...

Hi Dan how are ya? Ive been following your blog for quite some time.
Yeah, we were supposed to do a discography and there was talk of a reunion tour, Ive been in touch with the others.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Trolley's discography would have been great to do and the only thing holding it back was a couple of missing booklet pages. Otherwise its pretty much ready to go to press. I've lost track of Simon since New Years so pass on the word to get in touch. -Dan (of PE Records)

ChrisC said...

Thanks Dan, I passed the message on to Simon. I know he got married recently so that may be why he hasn't been in touch - that and he's an old pot head!

Anonymous said...

actually, a label from i think poland(?) recently asked to release the discography. i forwarded the message to Simon, but he never responded.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I know PE has closed its doors before, but this time I don't think they're going to open back up. This just adds to the list of heavyweights that are struggling to make ends meet and subsequently are forced into closure. I've heard rumors of some of my most cherished labels calling it quits: Crimes Against Humanity and Life is Abuse just
to name of few.