Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seattle: Weird movies and rockin' rock Thursday!

Nuthouse is a newish media and arts organization in Seattle starting to make some noise. This Thursday at the Rendezvous they have a cool event with a DJ, short movies by local filmmakers, and a few bands: The Shankers and The Femurs. I haven't seen The Shankers before, but The Femurs are great, they are a poppy punk two piece featuring Rob Femur, who used to do the punk show on The End (and always seems to be wearing a different Ramones shirt every time I see him!). The whole shindig is only $5. Here's The Femurs live at the High Dive, shot by Ryan Worsley, one of the filmmakers that will have a movie at the show:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan!
If anyone's interested we posted a couple of youtubes of the Shankers and Femurs and will get the whole show on our site before the day is long!