Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Chicken played around Seattle in the first half of the '90s (1991-1995), mostly at the Lake Union Pub, as seen in the photos (from I think 1993, shot by Amy Halligan). I always thought of them as a punk band with a metal singer and funny name and lyrics. They played fairly metal leaning punk, it would probably be easiest to call them thrashcore. There was a great review of one of their live shows on the KBD list recently:

"They played a short set at the Che Cafe to a really unresponsive crowd. The singer cursed us out and stormed off the stage. It was great! Even as a metalhead, he was more punk than that horrible emo crowd."

Band members: Jimmy on vocals, Tim on lead guitar, Toe on bass, Chris on guitar and Deva on drums.

  • Self-titled 7" (4 songs, 8"x"15" bag cover w/silk-screened chicken on cover)
  • Aspirin Feast/Chicken split 7" EP (Outcast Records #004)

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