Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Miscellaneous Gits photos

As I dig through my piles of photographs and negatives to scan stuff in for this blog (on my spiffy new HP scanner!), I stumble upon things both in groups and totally out of context. Some are grouped by what issue of 10 Things zine they ran in, so it's easy to get a time frame on them, others seem completely random. These three Gits photos I think are the ones leftover after pulling out the best ones I had to give to Steve Moriarty for a Gits re-release. I remember pulling photos for him and handing him an envelope of them when I interviewed his later band The Pinkos at the Elysian Brewery about 4 years ago. So I think these are the sloppy/bad Gits photos that have never seen the light of day... but of course, they are the only Gits photos I've stumbled across so far and while not so hot, they do capture three different live shows.

The first photo is from 1993 at The Offramp, it's a weird close-up of singer Mia Zapata.

The second photo is The Gits live at the Weathered Wall (on 5th Ave downtown) from September 1992.

The third photo is from July 1992 at The Offramp (The Offramp later became Graceland and now is called El Corazon).

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