Friday, August 24, 2007

The Quincy Punx

This is a shot of The Quincy Punx live in the Radio House living room from the mid-'90s, the band hailed from St. Paul, Minnesota. I think I loved The Quincy Punx from the get go. Their name came from the infamous episode of the TV show "Quincy" that featured punk rockers, they played fast obnoxious punk like The Dwarves with hilarious lyrics, and first 7" in 1992 ripped off the artwork from The Germs GI album, only with a safety pin through it. I thought the whole concept and execution of the band was hilarious, although it dismayed me to later realize some people were offended by them and didn't think they were funny. Geeeesh. I interviewed them back in the day for 10 Things and was totally stoked when they played at Cameron's house. And they were super nice guys too, they even gave me some half-assed apology for the song "Nuke Seattle." Reccess Records has a bunch of their old vinyl and CDs for sale still, but they haven't put anything out since 1997. According to the band they are still together and will some day put out a double CD set of all their releases, but they are really lazy, so it may be a while. Ha ha ha!

Lyrics to "Nuke Seattle," which came out at the height of grunge grabbing the world's attention in 1993:

Let's nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke Seattle
It'll be a vicious bloody battle
Let's nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke Seattle
We'll slaughter em like a bunch of cattle

I wanna see Seattle in flames
Cuz their bands all sound the same
PearlGarden is totally gay
Let's just blow the fuckers away
Seatle gone in a mushroom cloud
I'll push the button and I'll be damn proud

(repeat chorus)

Let's make a crater of the pacific northwest
We'll get Nirvana along with the rest
No more hyped up poseur scene
We'll start all over, wipe the slate clean
It'll be a quick and easy way
To make those stupid fuckers pay
Now that Seattle's out of the way
Let's go fuckin' nuke L.A.


Jeanna said...

Wow. Those lyrics are really profound. I especially like how they rhymed Seattle with cattle! ;)

Dan 10Things said...

Ha ha ha ha!