Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Scathed was a fun, but fairly short-lived Seattle band in the latter half of the '90s. Fronted by PV Jacquie, they had crusty screamed female vocals backed by hardcore/grindcore music. These shots are from a show at The Blackcat Cafe. As far as I know Scathed only had one release, a split 7" with Decrepit on Un-Yelliman Records. They were also featured on the compilation LP "Abscess Operandi" put out by Aborted Society Records in June of 2000.


Kevjones30 said...

Owen always took credit for introducing Jackie to Power Violence.

Dan 10Things said...

I always took credit for lighting fireworks off next to Owen after he passed out in the backyard at the 10 Things party we named him 017 at.

Anonymous said...

They also had a split 7" with Act of Heresy. 500 pressed