Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey Seattle, tonight you should go to The Comet and King Cobra!

If you've noticed a lot of touring garage punk bands are playing Seattle this weekend, it's because of the Slabtown Bender down in Portland. A bunch of the bands playing this garage rock festival booked West Coast tours and are playing places like Funhouse and The Comet, as well as Portland. Tonight I totally gotta put my money behind the show at The Comet. Not only are locals The Cute Lepers playing, an awesome band featuring members of The Briefs and The Girls, but also two California bands you don't wanna miss. The Pets from Oakland play fun garage rock and feature ex-Seattlite Dan Wood (who played in Right On and Flathead) and Zack from the awesome FM Knives. And Les Hormones from San Francisco play great stripped down garage punk. The only bummer on the whole Comet show is I stopped by there earlier this week and noticed they no longer have three pinball games upstairs. Boo! Even though those games were poorly maintained, I still used to play 'em about every time I went there.

Two doors down from The Comet is the newly opened King Cobra. I'm digging on this place. Its halfway transition from neon lit LA/IKEA style dance club to rock'n'roll club gives it sort of a Vegas strip club feel... with punk rock and '80s metal playing. Fantastic! Tonight the cats from The Emergency and Bobcat will be DJing, AND THEY HAVE PINBALL (Funhouse and Monster Bash, both great games). So it's a great spot to go for a drink between bands from the Comet show or party after the show. I'm happy to report they pour a pretty stiff drink too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words Dan. Always nice to see your face - lemme know when you want me to kick yer ass at pinball. :)