Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Popular Shapes at the Sunset Tavern

I wrote all about The Popular Shapes and posted their discography here and also posted more photos in this post. I think this may be the final set of photos of shot of the band. I'm sure these are from the Sunset, I think maybe from the Rockfight day that Meghan put on (which ruled!). Enjoy:


Kevjones30 said...

Pretty sure that's the rockfight. That day we played our first two shows, at Fallout (sadly all pics were deleted except for one, after the set) and the rockfight that night. We didn't want to play two shows in one day but once we heard that the Intelligence were doing the same thing, we couldn't wuss out.

Kevjones30 said...

PS -- I think it's funny that all the pics you post of the band are of the other members. Am I not hot enough for you Dan?

Dan 10Things said...

Who takes pictures of drummers?