Monday, August 6, 2007

Bloody Guy in the Pit!

It seemed like at punk shows in the '80s and '90s there was often a bloody guy in the pit. Someone that fell down and cut them self or accidentally got hit with flying elbow to the face, yet was having such a great time, that they continued to dance and have fun despite having a gaping bloody wound. My guess is usually was because they were so drunk they didn't care or realize how bad they looked, but sometimes they were just really into the band and wouldn't miss them for anything. This photo is of Jeff, one of the singers of hardcore band Cease and Desist, after he fell down drunk at a show and then continued to dance around banging into everyone. You can see he's bleeding pretty bad his head. Everyone was trying to keep him from falling over again, as well as push him away from them so he didn't get blood all over them. Ha ha ha!

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Larry Rickets said...

That is Jeff from Amerifucked and Cease and Desist. He lives back up in Seattle again. Larry