Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Hollowpoints

I'll do a proper entry on The Hollowpoints in the near future, but I came across a fairly early photo I loved of them playing live at The Blue Moon Tavern in the U-District I wanted to post.


Deevious Silvertongue said...

Seems like There's been a lot of articles that have the words "I'll write about them later." You should go back, and start doing those articles! I'd love to read them.

Dan 10Things said...

Ha ha, good point! It takes quite a bit of time digging through old vinyl, multiple websites, etc. to come up with discographies (and in some cases just band members!). Which is in part why I started this blog, a bunch of bands I like(d) don't have a very good recorded history on the Web. But I'm stumbling through a bunch of their photos now... so I want to throw up a cool old photo or two now, then later put up more photos with stories and info later when I have more time.