Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Obliterated

I don't think I ever owned any records by Portland, Oregon punk band The Obliterated, but I saw them a handful of times live back in the mid-'90s. The lead singer was totally cute and had great female vocals and the rest of the band had spiked punk hair and played old school punk with a great edge to it. Here they are playing at The Radio House.


Roz said...

Thanks, Dan! Seeing this made me really happy. I still have a few copies of 10 things that I pull out and read every now and again. Great fucking zine. Check out my new band Whoregasm, and my zine, Rozine, on myspace. Cheers! -Roz ex-Obliterated, now Whoregasm

Unknown said...

If you're still in the PDX area, you can catch Roz & Whoregasm at the Ash Street Saloon, Thrusday 1/28/10, with The Rawlies and Caguama.

-pat b, Whoregasm