Friday, September 21, 2007

The Tri-Cities invades Seattle!

In the late '80s there was a wave of people from the Tri-Cities (Hanford, Richland and Pasco) that moved to Seattle and got involved in the local music scene. Paula Senn (AKA Paula Milkbone) booked shows at Washington Hall and later became the singer for Whipped. Nate Mendel, Erik Akre and Glen Essary arrived with their band Christ on a Crutch. Carrie Akre fronted Hammerbox, Mike from Aspirin Feast and a couple others. A decade later in the 1990's another bunch of miscreants arrived, including Vas, Jed Maheu and Kevin Flush. This picture is great because they were all still in highschool and had road tripped up from Richland to a show at the Black Cat and were drunk goofy little kids still.

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America's Guest said...

We're still goofy little kids, but now we have car insurance...well except for maybe Vas