Thursday, September 20, 2007

Piss Drunks at Gibson's

I've already written about both Gibson's and The Piss Drunks in previous blog articles, but combined, much like chocolate and peanut butter, they were great together. Friday night's special at Gibson's was often a double-whiskey sour served in a pint glass. Oh boy would two of those knock you on your ass and get you primed for a band like The Piss Drunks. This is a crowd shot of a typical Friday night at Gibson's with the Drunks rockin' out on the small stage up against the front windows. Typically at least sometime during the show someone really drunk or high would stop and stair at the bands through the window, sometimes making faces, dancing, or doing something crazy and becoming part of the show for the crowd.


Anonymous said...

post more piss drunks pics i dont have any!

haizman_brain said...

I knew a guy named Barry from that band. I think he died a long time ago.