Thursday, September 27, 2007


I first heard Seattle punk legends Sicko when I was at Fallout Records one day browsing the demo tape case and picked up their new 3-song demo. It was super catchy and fast pop punk, I loved it from the get go. While jamming out to "FB Song" I looked through all the info on the tape and spotted the band's address and phone number. No way, they lived about 15 blocks from me! So I called up and talked to one of the band members and lined up and interview with them for later that week at one of their practices. This photo is from the very first time I saw Sicko live, practicing in their basement in September of 1992 in their house along the side of I-5 by Seattle's U-District. Somewhere I think I still have a recording of the interview and a few songs I recorded that day, I hope to stumble upon it and put it up as an MP3 some day. I bet Denny only wishes he had this much hair still.


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Do you know what any of them are up to nowadays?

Dan 10Things said...

Yeah, Ean is temporarily living in the UK attending Oxford Business School (I know it's weird), he comes back to visit fairly often. He and his wife Reba may or may not still be doing their band Tales from the Birdbath still. I think I've seen both Denny and Josh in the past two years, but neither are playing music, they are doing the family thing.